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The horses are waiting... because they love to go out for a walk in nature.

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Experience Horses

Bring your friends!  GREAT for People who have loved ones who either LOVE horses and or are intimidated by horses.  The Package Rate is for a 3 hour time slot and includes up to 4 riders out on the trails.

Trail Rides on Horse Back

Ride by yourself, or bring others. 
Year Round Riding, In the summer the trails are in the shade and the air is always moving along the river which still makes for experience to recharge as you leave life behind.

Camping with Horses

There is something about Camping.  It is the simpler way of life, and being out doors.  Campfire friends, bring stories, and sometimes a guitar.  We go places where we can set up tents, and bring horses. 

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Trail Rides on Horse Back

Different Parks

Yes we ride from our barn. We also haul out to other locations. This breaks it up for both the horses and riders.

Your Size Matters

We respect your weight & height, we have horses in different sizes (heights) We try to pair your mount to you.

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Online we accept credit cards, as well as in person we accept Venmo, and cash which we will give you a receipt

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