About Us

Located in the Lehigh Valley, we now offer trail rides via horseback in different parks, (both Local and State). We take in horses who need homes, and give them a place where they find purpose, acceptance and people who love them.

We are not a non-profit, we started as a hobbie, but then after taking in more than 10 horses, (plus foals were born), we started to change our mindset into building a horse business. In March of 2019, we became an LLC, for where our future plans intend to go. Horses come with liability, expenses, and LOTS of Love!

We remained out of pocket for more than 2 yrs, and 25 months after getting our first 6 horses, we re-built the website to offer online products as well. So people who want to support us, or who just love horses, can purchase some of our online products.

Feel free to join our News Letter, for a recap of all the things that happened the month before and things that will be upcoming in the next month.

Also IF you want to learn more about how we got started be sure to click on this link to learn more about our history and how we got started.

Learn who you will meet when you come out to see the horses, many times Heidi has her kids and grandkids help by leading other horses, grooming and even trail riding. Meet them and other people (aka Staff) who love to answer any of your questions when you are around the horses.

We believe Horses Unplugged with become a huge hit, because it is about the horses and the positive experiences people have when they are around these horses. Thank you for checking us out, and please be sure to not forget about us whenever someone talks about how they would love to get to be around a horse, or even go horseback riding.