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People who get to know her, know she her love for horses.  Having horses for over 40 years, her love shows.  Her hobby has grown into a business.

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Who is Heidi von Liebenstein?

Anyone who gets to know her knows she loves her God, her family and horses, they all make up who she is.

She has been a single parent longer than she ever had a full time co-parent.  Rocko and Steffan (her oldest son) both died in 2016 at 24 yrs old.  (Read more about how Horses Unplugged got started)

She has always lived within the Lehigh Valley Area, and went to college in the 90s for Computer 3-D Animation and Multi-media.  She helped build the original website before the college even offered Web Certification courses.  She worked for Suburban Cable, before it changed to Comcast Cable in their local advertising department.  She also worked for the Department of Welfare on their Web Team prior to 9-11-2001.

Although now she just tells people she is a professional Mom, who helps with her family, grand kids and the horses.  She is also building some of her online businesses while her love for horses is growing from a hobby to a successful business.

Heidi on Rocko (bareback) w her boys

tatiana - Guardian and group Pic

What Heidi Loves About Horses Unplugged?

“Its about the smiles and encouraging people to make awesome memories.  The horses open up doors where I get to meet people I would not otherwise get to meet.
Its also great seeing the progress within the animals and how they move forward in their abilities and in their trust of people.
Spending time with the horses, just takes you into their world and always from everything else.  I don’t want to say it is magical, yet it is relaxing & empowering, it is intense & soothing, it is so many different opposite things all at the same time.  We always leave feeling a little bit better within ourselves when we leave than we did when we showed up.”

Heidi's Video

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