Tatiana Mojica

Her “Eye” adds an amazing perspective!
She is an amazing part of our team.
Her Talent SHOWS! 

Some of Her Photography

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Who is Tatiana Mojica?

Tatiana Mojica is a young artist, who is still tapping into her skills and abilities.

She discovered her creative side after becoming a Mom in 2015.  She has been diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis ( a rare incurable neuromuscular disorder).

Her life is very unique.  She gets through life using her own methods, and that’s what inspired the name of her art page, ‘Tatiana’s Technique‘.

Although her techniques may be out of the ordinary, she gets the job done!

Tatiana's Other Art Work

tatiana w Phoenix

What She Says She Likes About Horses Unplugged?

“To even be considered a part of Horses Unplugged is an honor.  Heidi has allowed me to explore photography at her farm.  She saw a gift in me and has encouraged me to tap into it.  She’s patient and super understanding when it comes to my condition.  She knows what she’s doing.  When it’s time to ride she sets me up with a horse that can cater to my pace and weight.  The same goes for my daughter (4y.o.) and sister (8y.o.). The environment at Horses Unplugged is so relaxing. I leave feeling refreshed every time.  It’s an experience unlike any other.”


Tatiana's Video

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All these photos were taking by Tatiana …