Moving Your Business Past Covid in 2020


An Online Seminar to Help Business Owners move forward, through and beyond Covid as we continue to produce services and products which help our local communities, and beyond.

Who Do You Know Who Has
Or Wants to Own as Business

Need Money or Capital?

One Speaker will be talking about how Businesses can Get Money for their business WITHOUT using their own personal credit.  Which can keep the businesses  running, and or help with growth and expansions so they can move forward.
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Latest Web Compliance

Currently Major company’s are now hitting the news with issues about their online presence.  In Today’s business market owners NEED to know how to protect themselves from lawsuits.  So you can relax, laugh and enjoy your successes.
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Remove Negative Mindset

Business Owners start businesses for various reasons.  It all begins with their dream and vision of how they will solve problems.  Yet when LIFE gets in the way and beats us up, sometimes negativity starts to affect our mindsets which can lead to a down spin within Business.
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The Best Business Online Training in 2020

Post Covid Lots of Owners have hit a struggles and they still want to keep going forward, yet are not sure how to with all the craziness upon us. While more people are purchasing items online. Business owners still need a proper mindset, a strong online base, and of course money to operate so they can generate revenue. This one day online Seminar will go over these three things and so much more. 2020 and the shut downs have tried to take so much from us, will we choose to let our business dreams and visions die? Our communities need our products and services so they can continue as what our normal always was. When new problems arise, we just need to get educated, and come up with new solutions to provide for you local communities and for around the world. You Too can make a difference.
Heidi von Liebenstein
Owner & Founder of Horses Unplugged

Savour Your (Next) Business

Some of the Golden Nuggets Here

Nugget #1

This Golden Nugget helps both Business Owners and individuals alike.  Instantly you look like you know what you have to talk about and others are not turned off by what you have to say.

Nugget #2

This Golden Nugget helps both Business Owners with building and engaging their Social Media presences.

Nugget #3

This Golden Nugget helps Business Owners with getting funding even if they have bad personal credit.

Nugget #4

This Golden Nugget helps get more traffic to your website.  This is a free service that you can run a speed check with.

Be sure to check these out and more...

Why Should Someone Join?

  • No Traveling Expenses
  • Take the Seminar in your home (or) office. 
  • Help Get a Boost Forward for your business’s finances, as well as personal mindset.
  • Make The Business’s Online Presence Strong, via the website, and different social media platforms
  • It is a tax deductible expense.
  • Also a Portion of the ticket goes to help the horses at Horses Unplugged.
  • despite, the megativity and a portion of the sales will go back to help support Horses Unplugged.

Truly, ‘Fire it Up Business Forum’ an organization who is out to help solve problems within our communities as local businesses and non-profits try to grow and expand.

Some Testimonials

November 20th 2020

This is a Tax deductible expense. 
You and Your business needs this as we all move forward.

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  1. From another reader: The thing is, a good commentariat turns a blog into a community, and a topic into a conversation. Cathrine Germain Lidda

    1. Sheryl,
      Glad you like it.
      Yes the horses are a great way to get away from the the busy things we have going on within our jobs and our businesses. Yet we need to make sure we are always up on what is going on, and changing around us. Sometimes it is not about knowing everything, but where to find what we need when we need it. We are starting our emailing campaign now which has a few short videos with awesome little nuggets.

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