Our Herd

Since Nov 2017,
41 horses have stabled with us,
and there are more to come.

They lined up on their own, 3, 5 then 6

We will be adding more as we get more photos, and if you take one you want us to add, we can try to get it up.

Horses Coming

This was at our first location, and we no longer have most of these horses.  YET it is still a favorite.  Seeing them come running in is great knowing how they didn’t trust us when they first came to us.

How Do We Get Horses

Horses can live into their 30’s and even their 40’s.

We get horses when other people cannot keep them, for various reasons, things change in people’s lives.  Some of our horses have had owners with health issues, other owners have died, some owners couldn’t handle the horses, some had to move their horses from previous farms.

Whatever the reasons, they have now been surrendered to us and we take care of them.  We have had two older horses pass away, and we gave one horse to a person who had been an arson victim.   Most of the other horses were caught up in a court case with animal abuse, and were either returned to be sold or moved to a rescue.

We become very attached to our herd, and to us they are not a commodity to buy, sell, or re-home.  We understand the majority of people do not have that perspective, yet that is ours.

Since horses can live so long, have you ever wondered what happens to horses when no one can care for them?

Many people know the difference between shelters which are no-kill and which ones have a limited amount of time for people to adopt their dogs and cats.

But with horses they would go to auctions, and if no one buys them, then the horses are purchased by meat buyers and are sent to slaughter.  so when someone cares about how their horse would live the rest of it’s life, they give us their horse(s).   We do not pay for our horses, yet we give each horse the time he or she needs before they will be safe to work with others on the trails and or camping.


SORRY WE CANNOT POST VIDEOS of slaughtering horses here … but feel free to do your own searches, on YouTube, warning some videos could be horrifyingly graffic and gut wrenching

Conditions of Horses when We get Them

Some are healthy.
Some need medical care
Some need more weight.
Some need training, or to be trained.
Some need to get their head straights. (So they can trust again.)

For those who are healthy …
they are the easiest ones to join our herd.

For those who need medical care … we give them the time they need to heal.  For those underweight, we help them gain weight, and to also build their muscles back up.  Horses like people enjoy feeling healthy.

For those who need training or to be trained …
Some just need a few tweaking so they can work with us and others.  Where may have never been trailed or may have forgotten because it was so long ago since they were required to go riding or driving.  We have had 2 foals born at the farm, and we got a yearling.  Horses should have their first 3 years of growth and bone density developed prior to carrying a grown person on them.

For those who need to get their heads straight …  it means these horses have trust issues, and will respond out of fear.  Just moving a horse to a new home is stressful.  That is less stressful than horses who have gone thru kill pens, and/or have been abused.  It is critical to get horses to trust you, so they will listen to you even if something scares them.  We have a few horses who needed more than 1 year until they felt safe with us.
A horse who does not trust, is a dangerous horse. 

We started and the first few years, we did not make profit, because we didn’t build this to make money.  It is a hobby for our large family, which has been turning into a business.  When we got our first 6 horses, we had 9 in our family.

With GREAT Excitement, we are evolving into bigger visions of how we want to expand.

We Love Them, yet also Give Them Purpose

The horses are herd animals, thus they like to stay together.  When we go out on trail rides, not all horses want to be left behind.  They want to go out with the others.

We just walk out on the trails.  When we go trail riding we do not require much out of the horse, as we are just going to take them on a walk. 

Horses are powerful animals. 
Many of our horses are considered older, late teens.  Yet they still love to go for walks.  It is great giving them the opportunity to get out and walk.  They can still have a purpose and a function.  There are times when some of them will stand at the gate, because they want to go too, or they will watch us and whinny at us while we are out.

Most of our horses do not even break a sweat at a walk, yet there is always an exception.  Skyla is hyper, and LOVES to go, so she will walk her self into a sweat.  Guardian also sweats a lot thus, he also breaks a sweat when he walks.

Our love of horses has been a “key” which has opened lots of doors to meet a lot of amazing people, and without out having the horses, chances are that our paths would not have ever crossed.

Horses Unplugged LLC, is not a non-profit.  Because we do not like to ask for money.  We believe when we are your friends, we do not want you to worry about us always asking you for your money.  

We have products and services you can pay for to help us provide housing for these horses and others who will come in the future.  Through trail rides on horse back, camping trips, (coming soon carriage rides, as well as online products, we will be able to fund Horses Unplugged without asking others for money.

Our core values include Horses & People to have a great experience while enjoying each other.

Our core values include Horses & People
to have a great experience while enjoying each other.

Our Current Herd

Our Newest Arrivals

We need to get their photos updated … we have been so Busy lately. 
 – Milo our Mule – His owner was going thru a divorce.
 – Max – He was going to be put down due to medical issues.
 – Dakota – Sky’s best Bud, but she ate all his food so he came thinner.
 – Sky – She came with some issues with her eyes, and was blind.

Also to be added …
 – Honnaway – her owner passed away, and she needed a new home.
 – Redeemed – She came from auction, She is an American Cream Draft.
 – Cinnabun – He came from out by Pittsburgh, Hes a Belgium Draft


She is an Arabian Mare, who had been in a kill pen twice  Sherah is her bonded buddy.  Her page still needs to be built, she is not ready for trail rides.

She is our miniature horse.  She was being trained to be a therapy horse prior to Covid 19 closing down so many things. Check out her Page …

He’s a red chestnut, and a super friendly horse.  Like a puppy dog he loves to follow you are around and to greet you.  Check out his page …

She is a Buckskin, and very dependable.  She loves to go for trail-rides, and a quick favorite with the kids.  Check out her page …


She’s an Arabian Mare, and was purchased from a Kill Pen.  9-10 months later she had a foal.  Saving her saved two horses.  Her page is not up yet.

He is such a gentle soul.  He is great with children as well as with people who are not sure about their skills.   his page is not up yet …

He’s a Percheron and his teeth had been smashed in so when he came to us he was extremely underweight. Check out his page …


She is a bay, with a long and beautiful black tail.  Socks is her best buddy.  She is great with kids and shorter or smaller riders.   Her page is not up yet …


She is an Arabian Mare, who had been in a kill pen twice  Adara is her bonded buddy.  Her page still needs to be built, she is not ready for trail rides.

She is a Tennessee Walker.  Think of a Boxer Breed of a dog, sometimes hyper and wanting to go, yet other times calm and easy going.  Her page is not up yet …

She is a black n white paint.  As her mane grows she will look like she is just black with a white mane and tail.  Check out her page …

She is black n white paint.  Her buddy is Caspian, yet she also hangs out with Candy because they used to live together.  Her page is not up yet …

She is a Buckskin Paint.  She was one of the first 6, who came in Nov 2017.  She was named Tipper because of her black tips. Check out her page  …


We picked her up on her first birthday.  She was born Sept 16, 2019.  She was a surprise baby.  Her page is not yet available.  Horses need to be at least 2-3 yrs old to be ridden.

We get horses for various reasons.  These horses are all great and love the security of having a forever herd.  Thank you for checking us out and telling others.

Our Some of Our Previous Herd Members

Horses who have Crossed their Rainbow

It can be hard keeping and loving a horse until it is time to have them be put down or to watch them pass on.  Yet we know that when while they lived with us they were enjoyed and loved. 

Estimated in his 30’s, his fight with EPM became more than we could continue to fight.  We finally had to have the vet help him cross the horsey rainbow in the beginning of November of 2021.

He is such a gentle soul.  He is great with children as well as with people who are not sure about their skills.  

Some senior horses are just the BEST!!  Where as some farms may not keep them around due to their upkeep, we know they still LOVE to be Loved, especially by the tender souls of the littlest humans.

Phoenix – He had been a great horse.  His previous owner had to relocate him to a different barn, for whatever her reasons were, but he had lost weight.  At her new barn she needed to down size.  And it was either her horse or her daughter’s horse.  So she gave up her horse.  She has always wanted her baby back … and now has moved to greener pastures (literately) and sincerely wanted her baby back.  So regrettably, he is no longer part of our herd, yet will forever be welcome to come back., even when not with us, he is forever part of our herd.

She was a Morgan.  She passed away from old age.  Part of being a forever herd, is letting them go when it’s their time to go.  It is sad to see them leave this life, yet it is great knowing the end of their life they were cared for, loved, and had a purpose.  She is dearly missed!!

Some of Our Products