Our Miniature

She came to us on Dec 28th, 2019. 

She has a crazy fuzzy mane, beautiful blue eyes, and a cool white tail with a black top.

Check out her story below …

Some Pictures of Candy - (Our Miniature Horse)

We will be adding more as we get more photos, and if you take one you want us to add, we can try to get it up.

Candy's Video

Candy’s first time in the water ..
She was learning how to swim, and wanted to roll in the water.

She loved it!

Getting to know Candy ....

She Loves to think SHE IS THE BOSS!

But as soon as you have food or treats, well then you could get away from a puppy dog faster than you could get away from Candy. 

She Loves Food
And She LOVES Treats!
Her Favorite is carrots dipped in Peanut butter.

Since Candy has come to live with us, we have taken her inside many buildings, taught her how to walk up and down steps.

She has started the Therapy Program prior to Covid 19, but then stopped.

When she is out at the farm, there are lots of times when she wants her space, yet there are so many more times when she just wants to see what’s going on, esp if there is a chance she can find food.

Heidi also took her into a Veterinarian’s office, and Candy got onto the dog’s scale and weighed in at 288 pounds.

Heidi also took her into the nail salon and said Candy needed a pedicure.
They all laughed, and then took a few pics.

Candy has been inside of Day Cares, Doctor Offices, Cell Phone Store, Tractor Supply, the Allentown Fair Ground’s for their Pet Expo, and more …

Candy's Back Story ...

Our Friend Carol Brown had purchased Candy’s Mom Angel for her great-grand-kids because Angel rode and drove.

When they got her they did not know Angel was with foal.  And then Angel gave birth to Candy on June 1st, 2012.

No one really gave Candy much time or training, because as many life’s are lived, we all just become so busy, and Carol always wanted horses and first got them when she was in her 60’s.  (now, many years later, she rides, but doesn’t train.)

When Carol gave Stella to us we saw Candy, and Heidi said. “That’s a good looking pony.”

Carol said, “You can’t have my pony.”

Heidi backed up and said, “I am not trying to take your pony!  But when I see a good looking car, well I tell people that is a good looking car.  And I think she is an adorable looking pony.”

But then …
(Month’s later)

Heidi and Carol talk multi-able times every week, and after Christmas 2019, Carol asked Heidi if she still wanted that pony, because she kept getting out of the fencing down at her kid’s farm, and she needed to go.

Heidi said sure, and that is how Candy joined our little herd.

Coming Soon - Candy's Collection of Products