She usually goes out for lots of rides.
Phoenix decided she was his girlfriend, although she does not seem as much as into him  … lol

Check out her story below …

Some Pictures Faithful (Our Buckskin)

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Faithful's Video

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Getting to know Faithful ....

At first Faithful was very much off to her self, and protected by Phoenix.

Our son Fabian rides her.  He was 8yrs old when she joined our herd.

She loves to go out on the trails.

She is also very sensitive to how the riders feels.  She can tell when the rider is super nervous and scared.  Heidi can tell because of the way Faithful starts to walk, and in her body language.

Horses can feel a fly land on their skin, just as we do.  They can also feel a person’s level of comfort, and or level of fears.

Once riders realize that they are not trusting Faithful, and the riders calm down, and then Faithful calms down.  Many times it helps people realize they do have an impact on what is going on around them.

She is starting to become a lot more personable , with all of the interactions with people around her. 

She is not mean or malicious.  Although she does not like it when other horses ride up on her and are too close to her back end.  (She will kick at riders behind her if they do not respect her “need’ for social distancing.)

Faithful's Back Story ...

Her last owner had her for 12 years, but then for the last 3 years she was not able to visit her due to her health.

Her previous owner had MS and then had gotten so back she could no longer make it out to see her horse.

After accepting she would  be able to ride any more, she choose to re-home her with us.

Horses have a pecking order within the herd.

Faithful is not at the top of the herd, she is closer to the middle or bottom.  Because she has not had a lot of human interaction, she was not very social when we got her.  She did not avoid people, and she never ran from Fabian when he ran up to her.

She just didn’t seem to care if people gave her attention or not.  Verses some of the other horses who follow you around like a big puppy dog and fight with others for your attention.

Yet Faithful has still become favorite of the farm, because of her Buckskin color, her eagerness to go riding, and her mild mannerisms. 

Rarely do we ever go out for a ride with out her, because she is such a great horse.  And she has helped so many riders develop great confidence in their horseback riding skills.

Coming Soon - Faithful's Collection of Products