a Beautiful Bay

She came to us on July 10th 2020. 

She has a beautiful face, and her bff is Socks.  Check out her story below …

Some Pictures of Lola

We will be adding more as we get more photos, and if you take one you want us to add, we can try to get it up.

Lola's Video

Some of her cuteness …
When she gets bored she likes to play and throw her head.

Getting to know Lola ....

She is such a sweetie.
And she is such a pretty one to look at.

You can walk right up to her, she will not run away.  But she is not one of the top horses, so she doesn’t follow you around too closely as some of the others will chase her away.

She’s easy to ride and eager to please. and to go out on the trails.

When she first came she could not be separated from Lola, but as time has progressed, she we have been able to separate them while riding.  Which is good because it shows how they are developing better confidence within the here.

Socks's Back Story ...

Lola came to us on July 10th 2020, with Socks. Their story is intertwined so well, because Lola was for the daughter of the lady who owned Socks.

Lola is half Quarter horse and half Arabian.  She has a BEAUTIFUL Mane and tail.  Someone at the previous farm had cut off her mane, but it is growing back nicely.

Don’t let her short size shock you, she carried Heidi on a few rides.  She is a great little mount, and a delight to ride.  She likes to get out on the trails.  Even if there are a few new things along the way.  She’s a so awesome, its hard to not interact with her and not fall in love.

Coming Soon - Lola's Collection of Products