Our Big Black Bay

He is a farm Favorite!
He was reunited with  girlfriend, Faithful.
Sometimes he can be super slow, yet great for riders who need a slower more careful horse.

Some Pictures of Phoenix - (Our Black Bay)

We will be adding more as we get more photos, and if you take one you want us to add, we can try to get it up.

Phoenix's Video

He is just super cool, and lots of fun..

Getting to Know Phoenix

He quickly becomes a farm favorite.

He’s an older horse and knows how to take care of his riders.  He is a great asset to our farm.  The oldest rider that we know of was 80 years old and a half.  She was completely delighted in riding Phoenix.

Phoenix also has a girlfriend.  Although he is usually pretty mild mannered, he is quick to great his girlfriend, Faithful, when she comes back to the barn. 

Phoenix and Faithful used to be boarded at the same facility, but then Phoenix was moved to another location before he came to live with us.  The next week Faithful came to us as well.

Phoenix was SO excited and happy to see her.  He guarded her and “protected” her from all the other horses.  He still does, even though she does not have problems with any of the other horses.

Phoenix's Back Story ...

Phoenix came to us on Nov 15th 2019.  It was 2 years after we had started and he was the 30th horse we had gotten since Nov, 15, 2017.

He came with only 1 rule.
DO NOT EVER hand up  anything to the rider.

(Well that’s not a good rule.)

So we started to work on re-training him so he could have things handed up to the riders while they are on him.

The lady who had him was limited in her space, and she either needed to re-home, Phoenix, or her step daughter’s horse.  So she choose to let him come live with us.

There are quite a few of the previous owners who keep in touch with us and the horses they have given to us.



Coming Soon - Phoenix's Collection of Products

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