She’s an
American Cream Draft

She was purchased from an Auction, thus her name is Redeemed because she was paid for.

Horse Stories

One thing we love to do at Horses Unplugged is to create some awesome memories with some great #horsestories. When horses trust you, they will follow you anywhere. When we got Redeemed, she was aggressive, and dangerous, yet here she was calmly following Heidi though the #tractorsupply in #Nazareth and she had no problem meeting a little piglet. #potbellypigs are just so cute! (And smart.)

Extreme Personality Make Over

When Redeemed first came to join our herd, she was always grumpy and you can see how she would have her ears back alot of the time for no reason other than, ‘just because’.

Horses either react out of fear or out of trust. We do NOT know what she experienced prior to coming to be part of our herd. But we could tell that she HAD been through some bad experiences which gave her the confidence to be aggressive towards anyone she wanted to be aggressive towards.

She got to learn what was expected to be part of the herd, and she realized that she did not need to worry about being treated the same way she had been treated before.

Although it was a few months before Heidi would let other people ride Redeemed, she did come around and you can see in the photos below that she was a great asset to our herd, and no longer was a dangerous horse – to those whom she trusted.

She is still a bit moody, and many people within the horse world consider her as a normal mare, yet Redeemed still has a few things to perfect within her attitude. Yet she has safely carried many riders out on trails, and has even started going on trails without Heidi supervising her.

Our Diva

After coming to our herd, Redeemed has been in a Rap Video, and will be in a wedding as well as in a photo shoot by a NYC gown designer. Others have also asked to use her for their special events

American Cream Drafts are the only breed of Draft horses which started in America in 1911. When we got her in 2021, there were less than 400 registered world wide. We are proud to have her as our diva.

Redeemed in Nucci Reyo’s Video Gaucho

So Do You Want to Ride Her?

You Can Ride Her in Any of The Following

Riding a Draft Horse is a different experience!
YOU TOTALLY Feel their Power! Redeemed is over 1700 pounds, and you can feel her power when she walks, and when she wants to take off. (Note – We only walk on the trails.) Due to her size, her muscles, and her strength, she can handle a rider who is just over 300 pounds. Note – She IS a taller horse, and a wider build. People who have issues with their joints, may not be as comfortable riding as someone who does not have joint issues … but drafts are definitely worth the experience of saying that you got to ride one.

Let’s Meet Some of the Other Herd Members