Tennessee Walker

She is one of the alpha horses, and her best buddy is Tipper, although Guardian will look for her to come out to pasture with him as well.

Check out her story below …

Some Pictures of Socks - (Our Black n White Paint)

We will be adding more as we get more photos, and if you take one you want us to add, we can try to get it up.

Skyla's Video

Even though she has a pep in her step, my son had no problems riding her on the trails when we were out for Mother’s Day.

Getting to know Skyla ....

She likes to also be the lead horse at times, but then she usually sets a pace that is too fast for the rest of the horses.  Guardian, and socks usually have no problems keeping up with her quicker speeds.

She is a hyper horse, which can at times be intimating for nervous new visitors.

I describe her as a “boxer dog”, who can be hyper but is also harmless. She likes to keep moving when it is time to go riding.

I also describe her as a little kid who keeps asking are we there yet? what time will we be there?  and all those kinds of things.

You will see her alot out with Tipper, she is Tipper’s Shadow, but is has no problems if they do not trail ride together.

Skyla's Back Story ...

Skyla was a swapped out with us for Roxie.  Although loosing Roxie our mule, was sad.We all love Skyla as well. 

Her back story is that her owner had passed away and it took her husband 3 years until he was ready to re-home the horses. 

He didn’t want her to go to auction and he wanted to make sure she had a good forever home.


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