Buckskin Paint

She came to us on Nov 16, 2017

She was one of the first 6, but came the next day in the second trailer.  She has been an anchor horse for the rest which have come.

Check out her story below …

Some Pictures of Tipper - (Our Buckskin Paint)

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Tipper's Video

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Getting to know Tipper ....

People love her color and she is easy going, yet sometimes lazy and at times doesn’t thing she needs to keep working.

She is one of the anchor horses of the herd, because we have had her for so long.

She’s a friendly horse although not as “in-your-face” as Caspian is.  She is usually one of the first to greet us when we get out to the barn.

Especially out at our first barn, the horses used to get out, yet they never went anywhere.  (Honestly I question who lived there, because one time 5 gates “just happened” to be open for them all to get out, and none of the security cameras were working.

One girl was terrified, because she had fallen off of a horse in kindergarten. She rode Tipper, and we helped her get over her fear, and then she could not wait to come back and she couldn’t stop talking about how Tipper was so great, and how she LOVES Tipper.

Another lady brought her nieces up from Delaware and we rode in the snow, (in 2018-2019).  One niece rode Tipper and my friend tells me of how her niece still asks about her and when will they keep coming back (but with Covid, they haven’t been back yet).

Tipper's Back Story ...

Tipper came the same day as Scarface, and a day after the other four. 

From what I heard, she did not like the previous owner much and she would break their whole herd out and run them all away.  Then when the owners got close, she would run the horses away in a different direction.

She was in the best health out of all 6 of the horses.

When we first started we did not have a lot of “CYA”, paperwork.  So July 28th 2019, they came and took her and 12 other horses after we got the others healthy and beautiful.

(It was devastating, and our boys haven’t gotten over loosing their first horses.)

While she was gone, she refused to work with anyone and became unsafe for others around her.  She then was returned to us, and will be with us for the rest of her life.  We were told that she just wasn’t safe, and if they tried to sell her then they were afraid she would end up at slaughter.

Coming Soon - Tipper's Collection of Products