Camping with horses

Let’s Go Camping!!
Either Bring Your Own Horse or Rent One of Ours.

The things we do best

We Reply Back

We may be busy w horses or other clients, but we will respond, asap.

Make Memories

Horses give memories friends and families never forget about.

Save the moment

Of course bring your camera and or Phone and Get Your Picture!

Total connect

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people talk

Camping with Horses … HOW COOL IS THAT!
Some of these people have talked about their experiences, plus there are other reviews online.

This morning I woke up to a large white horse chewing on my pillow 🤪 Highly recommend to everyone. Food cooked on camp fire, sleeping in a tent or on a hay bed under open sky, friendly and welcoming family atmosphere to all regardless of age, gender, colour, culture, political and religious beliefs. And, of course, horses! Big and small ones, smart and silly ones, funny and absolutely gorgeous 😍

Amazing Camping with horses experience. Thank you, Heidi!
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Heidi and her family are amazing! Kind, generous and loving to both people and horses!

Horses open your eyes to something so much bigger then ourselves!

Try it, you won't be disappointed!

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Our Camping Rates

They Vary per Trip

When we go camping depending on what camp site we go to will effect the price of the trip.

There will be a rate if you want to bring your own horse and join us. 

If you want to come with us and rent a horse, then there is a different rate for that.

Camping with OUR Horses

Price Includes

 – Transportation
 – Feed & Hay
 – Camp Site fees
 – Horse rental

Camping with YOUR Horse(s)

Price Includes

 – Camp Site fees