Trail Riding on Horseback

If you love the outdoors, and you love to do for a hike or a walk in nature then you will love riding a horse, even if it is not on your bucket list.

Some Pictures Trail Riding in the Lehigh Valley & Beyond PA

We will be adding more as we get more photos, and if you take one you want us to add, we can try to get it up.

Trail Riding Video

It may seem scary at first, but then as you get the hang of it … It becomes something amazing to experience.

What To Expect ...

It does not matter if this will be your first time or if you have been riding before.  We go over the basics if you need them, and give you a small mini lesson so you will feel more comfortable as you go.

We have a few exercises and help you develop the confidence needed to get started.

What About Weather ...

Weather can be changing even up to a few hours prior, when it comes to rain. 

In the heat of the summer …
when riding along the river, when we are in the shade, it never really feels as hot as when we go out into the sun.

In the cold of the winter …
when we ride whenever the temperatures are over 40 degrees we have always had a beautiful day.  The river gets chillier (due to the water content in the air) if we are riding along that vrs in another park.

What To Wear ...

LONG Jeans to cover and protect your legs & ankles from rubbing on the saddle and from brush which might be hanging over the trails.

Children under 18 need to wear helmets.  And helmets are also available for adults as well as desired.

In the winter and spring, when the river is chilly, if we ride closer to evening time, there is a chill that comes over us as the sun starts to set due to the high moisture in the air.

Pricing ...

Pricing is $50/hour per horse on the trails.

Hour minimum, but we can easily ride for up to 3 hours. 

We also schedule MORE than 1 hour to make sure the saddle will fit each rider and that each rider will be able to have a personal lesson prior to hitting the trails.

Book Your Trail Riding

We have limited spaces available to go Horse Back Riding on the trails. 
So be sure to book the time that works best for you and your group.