The Wooden Match



Day Adventure – Come Ride to The Wooden Match Park via Horse back.

  • Pre-lesson for anyone who may need one.
  • Ride Horses to the Wooden Match
  • Dismount before going in for dinner
  • Have a drink or two (please respect a 2 drink limit).
  • Have a cigar if desired.
  • Visit for about 2 hours, then mount back up.
  • Ride Horses back to the farm.

Plan for about 6 hours of time.

Food, drinks and or cigars are NOT included.
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The Wooden Match has both indoor and outdoor seating.  Enjoy this quaint historical piece of Bethlehem PA.

As an Urban Cowboy!  Come alone or come with others, and have a great time as we ride along the river, and pass steal stacks before we get to the historical train station.  You do not need to feel obligated to have a drink or a cigar, yet you are obligated to enjoy yourself.  Which is always fun on horseback.

Click here to check out their menu.


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