Trail Riding on Horse Back


Book a trail ride on Horse back in the Lehigh Valley, limited to only your group.

Group sizes are limited.
Yet depending on the size of the group we should be able to accommodate your group size.

Availability is by appointment only – text or call Heidi at 610-680-8593, and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

Are you looking to do something fun outside? Well, by booking a trail ride you will get to enjoy nature while being around the horses have an amazing way of taking you away from all of your worries and normal day stresses.  Treat yourself to a well deserved time away.  Some people come because their barns have shut down due to Covid.  Other people have always wanted to get out to ride.  So whatever your reason.  Come by yourself, or book for a group, yet you will be the only one(s) per your time slot.  IT IS APPOINTMENT ONLY!  Even if the ride is only 1 hour, plan for a few hours because it is about your experience, and you will get to meet the horses, it is not just about getting you onto and then off of the horse(s) and to be ready for the next group.



  •  LONG Jeans and or socks to protect your legs from the saddle and branches on the sides of the trails.
    Some may like longer sleeves as well.
  • Helmets for ALL children under 18 years of age.

It is recommended to try to use the restrooms prior to coming to the farm.




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