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Some Pictures of Socks - (Our Black n White Paint)

We will be adding more as we get more photos, and if you take one you want us to add, we can try to get it up.

Sock's Video

Some of her cuteness …
The day after we got her we took both her and Lola out for a walk.

Getting to know Socks ....

MOVE IT.  MOVE IT … She likes to move it.
She likes to be a leader in the pack and sets a faster pace for the other horses to follow. 

She is easy on the bit, so she is very easy for younger children and new riders to ride.

She is a shorter horse, so she can tend to be less intimidating than some of the taller ones.

Her BEST FRIEND, is Lola.  They had been together for 12 years.  And she has been watching out for Lola and still does.  As of now, thy are always going out on trail rides together.  At one point, they may not be out on rides together, but for now, they are doing great.

Socks's Back Story ...

Socks came to us on July 10th 2020, with Lola. Their owner had been diagnosed with Cancer when she was 12 years old, and not supposed to live to her 18th birthday.

Make a Wish Foundation asked her what her 1 wish was, and she said a black horse, with 4 white socks, and a blaze.

Since she had a terminal illness, they did not want to get her a living animal, but when she out-lived her life expectancy at the age of 20, she found her black horse with 4 white socks. 
(a young yearling)

She Always Loved her Horses!

She also got one for her daughter.

Now at the age of 38, she was looking to rehome both of her horses to a good home.  She could no longer keep them on the family farm after her father died from cancer about 6-7m prior.  She moved them to one farm, but they just did not seem to fit in there, and then found their way to Horses Unplugged.

We walked her/them out on the trails the day after they arrived, no riders. to see how they would act and to see what they would do.
They were great!

Socks will be available for petting, grooming, trail rides on horseback and camping trips.

We named her “Socks” because her story began where her owner was only 12, years before the horse was even born or purchased as a yearling.

Finding Socks a new home with us was a heartbreaking time for them, and many tears were shed.  It is so hard and devastating to realize you need to find a new home for the ones you love.

Coming Soon - Sock's Collection of Products