Thank You

For Booking with Us

We are so excited to have you come out and join us when we going Horseback riding out on the trials.

Don’t forget to get ready
to have a great time

text us: 610-680-8593

If you have any questions … Remember if we are with horses we will get back to you asap.
Remember to include your name and when your ride is scheduled

Wear Long Pants to protect your legs from rubbing on the saddles.

Bring layers when riding in the evening or by the water.

5 – 18 yrs old must wear protective head gear.  We have helmets, if they do not have a favorite one they want to bring.

Do as You feel comfortable with. 
Your appointment will only be with your group.  We ride outside, and horses need to stay away from the horse in front of them, keeping people 6+ feet away.

We recommend using restrooms prior to going for the ride, not all parks have year round working facilities.