horse Back Riding
On Trails In the Lehigh Valley

Make a Memory by going for a ‘Destination Ride’ or go for a
Private Guided Ride (We ride all year long)

Different Trail Ride Options

Private Guided Rides

Appointments Only
Your Group will be the only ones going on the ride - great when some riders need or want our total attention.
2 rider minimum.

Trail Rides at Campgrounds

Check out our camping section, when we go to different campsites you can either join us by camping at the campground or you can also come and ride with us at their facilities.

Huge Moore Park

- Destination Ride -
We ride to the Park, you go on a canal boat ride and get time in the museum before we ride back. Also a great adventure for those who want to just meet us at the park.

Cigar Bar

- Destination Ride -
Join us from the farm as we ride to the Wooden Match and you can have dinner, a drink or two and a cigar if you want before we ride back to the farm. Also can be booked for private events.

Why Choose Us

We Reply Back

We may be busy w horses or other clients, but we will respond, asap. We do what we do, because we LOVE what we do, and want you to love it too.

Make Memories

We strive to give you a GREAT experience, and a great time. Come alone or with ones you love, but make a memory that you & others will remember!

Save the moment

Of course bring your camera and or Phone and Get Your Picture! You may not remember which horse you rode, but you will remember who you were with.

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Join us on our social media as we post new events. Forgive us, we usually make more updates to our social sites than our website.

Our Private Guided Trail Rates

All this awesomeness could be yours to experience for free for a limited time period of 30 days.


We will need to make sure the stirrups are the proper length.

We will also go over the basics so you will know how to ride even if you have never ridden before.

WEAR LONG PANTS AND SOCKS, to protect your legs from rubbing against the saddle.

IF you want to book longer than one hour, then you want to book the last ride(s) of the day.  Earlier rides need to be back for the next group



For 1 Hour ON the Trails
1 rider =$60
2 riders =$120
3 riders = $180
4 riders = $240

For 2 hours ON the Trails
1 rider =$120
2 riders =$240
3 riders = $360
4 riders = $480

people talk

There have been lots of people who have loved their time when they have come out riding with us!  Here are a few of the things they have said, and feel free to look online for more reviews.

Heidi was very let us pick which horse we wanted to ride! Never had that choice at other places I've ridden. It meant a lot!

If you decide to go, is recommend that you plan on more than the time allotted in your schedule, because it took quite a while to decide which of the beautiful horses I wanted to ride. I was thoroughly happy with my choice.
Can't wait to go again!
Review on Facebook
Heidi was a great host - she introduced us to the horses and told us their stories and all about their personalities. We were able to help brush them before and after the ride. I did not ride, but my husband and MIL did and said it was awesome!

I definitely recommend this place if you love horses and want to spend some quality time with them in addition to the trail ride.
Review on Facebook

Our Rates for the destination Rides

NEW TO 2022 Huge Moore Park and the Wooden Match

Huge Moore Park - Mules Pulling the Canal  Boat

Enjoy this HISTORICAL EXPERIENCE!  Years ago, Canal Boats were a big part of our network to transport goods.  This Park in Easton is the ONLY working canal boat in the Nation.

What better way to enjoy this part of History, than to ride horses to the park before going on a ride.  You come and ride with us to the park and then enjoy our time on the boat, at the museum before we ride back.

Cigar Bar -
The Wooden Match

Enjoy this Great Experience, who else can say they rode a horse to the Historical Bethlehem and had Dinner in the Old Train Station which was converted into a Restaurant – Cigar Bar.  

Come and Join Us, then enjoy 90 minutes to have dinner a drink or two and a cigar if you want prior to riding back to the farm.  Of course you are always welcome to go back to the Wooden Match after the ride if you choose.  This is an open group ride and/or could also be booked as a corporate event.

Check Out OUr Other Services

Trail Rides at Campgrounds

Check out our camping section, when we go to different campsites
- come join us
- bring your own horse
- rent one of ours
But Have FUN!

Day Camps

- Limited Spacing -
We go out on the trails every day! From 1 1/2 hours up to 4 hours a day. Sometimes we trailer out to other locations, and are limited in how many we can take with us.

Equine Therapy

- New to 2022 -
Learn to work on the ground around the horses, interact with them and learn to connect with them in their language.
(No Riding.)

Unplug from Life

We are looking for unique and different ways for people to enjoy our horses.

We hope you enjoy what we have added and what we will be adding.