He is a Chestnut Horse, and LOVES to follow you around like a puppy dog.

He has a Love – Hate relationship with Stella the black and white paint … you will see them together alot, yet sometimes happy, and other times not so happy.

Some Pictures of Caspian - (Our Red Chestnut)

We will be adding more as we get more photos, and if you take one you want us to add, we can try to get it up.

Caspian's Video

Sorry cant find the one we wanted to add … He was playing with Phoenix’s Halter.

Getting to know Caspian ....

He is a LOVE BUG!
A Giant Puppy.  He loves to follow you around where ever you are.  Especially if you have a brush or a treat.

Backing up to when we got him, he was so wound up, angry, rearing up, and carrying on.  At first he was quiet, but then when we said hi to him, he went nuts.

We took him out of the stall and rotated him between one on one time with a few different horses.  (This was before I had known his back story.)

Also his hooves were so long he spent most of the time laying down in the stall.  We needed to have a veterinarian come out when the farrier came out, so we could sedate him while he got his hooves trimmed … Fast forward … He now lets us pick up and trim his feet even without being tied.

Fast forward … He’s a super sweet and loving guy.,  There are a lot of smaller people or children.  He does not leave the herd which is nice because he never gets left behind.  He does not have any issues going out, or when other horses go out without him.  He knows we are his herd, and as he has calmed down he has a few people who absolutely LOVE HIM!

Plus his red color usually matches a lot of red headed riders.

Caspian used to love a black and white paint we had named Abby.  Now he loves to hang out with Stella. 

He is also usually one of the first horses to meet you at the gate when you approach them.  He loves to welcome whomever comes around.   

Caspian's Back Story ...

So a friend sends a text, Hey I dropped something off for you at the farm.
I responded, Ok Cool. Thank you.  (I thought maybe a t-shirt or a coffee cup.)

I had been out on a trail ride with some horses, and had come back to the farm with my son Sven.

We start to unload the horses and then he said, Mom, There’s a horse in Buttercup’s stall.
I said, Ok who is it?
He said I don’t know
What? what do you mean you do not know?  Is it Skyla?
He responded, I do not know who it is.
How do you not know who it is, is it Scarface?
No, I do not know.
I asked some more names, but got nowhere … and then I walked into the barn, and I saw this horse whom I had NEVER seen before and I had no idea who he was either.

I said … Oh, welcome to our herd.
I asked Sven what did he want to name him?
He said Caspian.

Some time later I found out that Caspian had been trained to ride when he was 5 years old.  But then had been an only horse in the pasture for about 10 years.

(Note – it is NOT good for horses to be alone, they NEED other animals around them.)

As a result, Caspian had extreme co-dependency issues.  So when Caspian had been given to my friend, he became super attached to one of her other horses.  When they went to take the other horse out to be worked with, Caspian went loco.  He attacked her other horses, and tried to jump and break the fences.  She was so upset with him she did not know what to do, and so she dropped him off with me.



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